Event – Uniespírito Concerts

Music as a health promoter



In January of this year, we launched the Uniespírito Concerts project, which consist of a series of monthly musical performances by Brazilian artists renowned in the classic style, with affordable prices and philanthropic purposes. In it I gathered two great passions: music and medicine. The music has proven to bring several health benefits such as for example, relief of pain and improvement in memory. This is because music activates the pleasure center of the brain, releasing specific neurotransmitters, causing a sense of well-being. And it has been used by doctors and therapists as a complementary treatment of several problems, with very positive results. So, it’s not just an entertainment or a measure to relax. The first records of music and the first instruments in the history of humanity date back toprehistory, still in cave times. For some cultures of antiquity, for example, the music had an divine origin, because they believed that the sounds were given to them by a divinity, bringing joy and well-being. And as music and spirituality go together in my life, we decided to create these therapeutic moments with good music, which besides promote physical and mental health, supports the social project of Tupi-Guarani villages of the Ribeira Valley in the purchase of food. The value of the ticket is intended for this purpose. I am a trained pianist, and I say that the piano is my confidant. All days, before I start taking care of my patients, I concentrate, I make a raising my thoughts, and I ask for inspiration by playing a prelude of Mendelssohn or of Mozart. When the expedient comes to an end, I sit down again at the piano and, strumming the keys, thank you for my day following with Bach pieces, Beethoven and Brazilian Ernesto Nazareth. By the way, I really like the “chorinhos” composed by him. It’s like that, the music for me is a prayer. I cannot think of living without it and whenever I look after children, I suggest parents to encourage their children to play an instrument. Music saves, music heals. I’ve long dreamed of promoting good music at the clinic. The Uniespírito Concerts have made this dream come true. And I would like to invite you all to embark on this dream with me and came to welcome us. On September 19, at the auditorium of the Pineal Mind Health Institute another series recital with the Duo “Alma Brasileira”, formed by the soprano Juliana Starling and the pianistMiguel Laprano, and the baritone Sandro Bodilon. The repertoire will consist of songs by Brazilian composers, such as Heitor Villa-Lobos, Osvaldo de Souza, Francisco Mignone, among others.

During the presentation there will also be simultaneous projection of artists such as Tarsila do Amaral, Cândido Portinari, Almeida Júnior, Di Cavalcanti. The chosen works seek to expose the richness, the characteristics and the beauty of Brazilian art. This month’s edition will have students from the Antioch Overseas Program of the sychology postgraduate course at Antioch University – Los Angeles Campus (CA, USA), who will be in Brazil for a week of classes in Uniespírito.

WHEN: September 19, 2018
HOURS: 19 hours
WHERE: Auditorium of the Pineal Mind Health Institute
ADDRESS: Rua Paulo Orozimbo, 916, Aclimação, São Paulo, SP
INGRESS: R$ 25,00 – payment on the spot
BOOKINGS: Call (11) 3209-5531