Lecture at Harvard University

I´ve been formally invited by Harvard University to give a lecture on my pineal research to the internal staff of the Department of Neurology at Harvard Medical School, located in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, where the Neuroscience Center works. The lecture took place on July 26 in the Amphitheater of the modern Hale Building for Transformative Medicine, newly built to house the research labs next to the hospital. About 60 people were present, among them, professors, researchers and the board of the Department of Neuro. I came to open a line of research on Pineal, based on the work I developed at the University of São Paulo (USP). From the invitation made by Harvard University, doors were opened, with a great challenge and a lot of work to be done. “Pineal is a key to understanding the brain-mind-spirit relationship. The interest of Harvard Medical School, this important institution on this issue, makes me immensely motivated.”